About election tomorrow.Please read and think…

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah

Dear brothers and sisters of Islam.

The following email is about tomorrows election and I will be responsible solely towards what I wrote.Therefore, I solemnly claimed that the email I wrote today is not based on personal gained



As you guys concern, there will be two parties participating in tomorrow`s election.  And they are United Democratic Party and Voice of Curtin.




As we all know, Farid and Rahilah will be contesting for tomorrow`s election where Farid will contesting on Vice President post while Rahilah is contesting for OCM post.


Some of us may not know Farid very well.  He was one of the student`s council last year. Most of all also not fully aware of what issues happen for CIS committee to handle with student`s council.CIS is a medium to taking care the welfare of Muslim students studying in Curtin which is a minority group.




There are a lot of issues such as Friday prayer bus, bus booking for CIS activities , Halal issues and many more. And for the last two semesters, Farid who is the one who helps us a lot in solving the problems. Let it be with Student council itself or with the management.



He is the one who helps easing us with bus booking and every single thing I stated above. He is also the one who went with me to  the meeting with Chief  Operating Officer asking for conviniet places for us to pray for Friday prayer and he is the one asking Curtin management to financially supported the cause.




Now he is contesting for Vice Presidency and with that status he do can helps us a lot. This is not a biase email. The basic of my argument is , we need a person who fully understand and aware and also very concern towards our needs not as a club but a full-time Muslim.




As for Rahilah, we do know her as a very capable person. When she was in CIS committe, she had done a lot for Muslim communities handling a lot of programs. We do know her perseverance and her bravery in raising up issues on behalf of us.




Right now, the issue is, I understand that most of us want to cast our individual vote for Rahilah and Farid. However, that does not ensure they will have the position in the Student Council. That still depends on the winning of the party.




Therefore, I would like to give my humblest request for you guys to think, which party you will vote. This is not the issue of supporting friends. This is the issue of the ummah in Curtin. The welfare of Muslim in Curtin. It already hard for us even we did have Muslim representative who knows and understand the situation of what problems facing Muslim community in Curtin. Now when we don’t have any representative, doesn’t that will become more hard.

Some of us will be graduating soon. But yes, think for our juniors. How hard for them to fight for the rights for Muslim students in Curtin. We already experienced it.



I am not saying that Voice of Curtin is a bad choice. We know a lot of them. But do we really can count on them? Do they understand?


At least Farid and Rahilah understand and that will helps us a lot.

Please. This is not about supporting friends or who can talk better.

This is about the welfare of our community. This will affect us.


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