Of Niah Fieldtrip and people in my life

Salam. Last 2 weeks ago,I attend another fieldtrip. I think almost every week I went for fieldtrip. Maybe during Raya I will takbir raya besides all the rocks that I hammered with “berlinangan air mata”.However, this one is different than ordinary fieldtrip. Because the target of the fieldtrip is to circle and map the mountain. Not climbing the mountain but circling it. You know what it means? Yup, going into thick jungle with no clue what is inside, no trails and not very much experience.

hutan niah

I am lucky my abah used to bring me to jungle when I was a kid. He brought me hunting with his friends. But most of the time at the oil palm plantation. He taught me atleast basic of jungle. Like jungle trails, fruits that can be eat or not and such things like that.

I dont have much experience but remembering what abah had told me before,and with GPS in hand, I found our way out. O, forgot to tell, my role is to scrambling in front to find or make way out. So, it is quite dangerous. I am quite afraid if I meet any wild boars , snakes or harimau dahan. But yea, atleast some common sense and being vigilant at all time save your life.

abbas,dr dominique and me

phreatic-vadose cave entrance

So, we managed to map the mountain and also in addition we manage to map and complete the cave that we map before. The locals said we are doing crazy things. Yup, it was crazy. But it was really worth it. I love those kind of things. I love caving.I REALLY LOVE CAVING.. I love going into the jungle. I love trekking and hiking.  You know, things that gives you sense of not knowing and you terribly want to know. Things that gives you extra shot of adrenaline.

Things that makes you want something more. I read it somewhere, those kind of feeling is a kind of depression. But in many ways it is good.You know, greed for glory. Atleast , it will never make you stop doing something good. Maybe it is the source of my enthusiasme when I am really fix into something.

This week I went again.Yesterday.But to the quarry in Niah. With our HOD,Dr Franz and my supervisor, Dr Dominique.and Abbas.My classmate.It seems almost every weekend is full with fieldtrip. The lecturers give a hint that there will be another fieldwork,somewhere far… and I hope not to join for that.But if they ask, I will definitely in. Just another 1 weekend with adventure, it should be fun and lots of knowledge to gain.

the jungle

Well,yesterday, I got a few samples for myself.Corals, Calcite, Calcite vein.That fieldtrip is for a project for an oil company. Although I dont gain any monetary benefit ,it is really a trip full with knowledge. You know, if you want to be the best, learn from the best. I want to be an expert as an exploration geologist/petroleum geologist. So, I need to learn from the best in the field. Learning in the class is never enough. I am not good with exam. But in the field, I think atleast I know what I must do.

Yup…. That is about the trip.

Well, the trip taught me alot. I learn from the forest, that we must respect the jungle. Not by means of giving alms or any rituals. No. Just respect.  Dont just easily cut the trees and think that you know everything about the jungle. Sometime, the forest can plays with you in many ways that you really dont want to be played with.

And respect the rock.Respect the Earth.

The earth is also one of Allah’s creation. So,respect it as how you respect fellow human.

Well, I also learn from the people around me. Especially my families. I have lots of people which I know. But I may not talking about all of them as it will be a long essay. But you guys must know that I love you all and I learn a lot from all of you.

Mama- My mom. Fatimah Sidik. She is the strongest woman ever. The most caring. I learn about compassion from her. And I learn that knowledge is everything. She said to 3 of us ,her children, that she didnt have anything to left behind. If she have any, it will be one day gone.. So what is left is knowledge. That is why I appreciate knowledge above all. And I really feels insulted if anyone gives a very stupid statement that he/she think it is knowledgeable. She taught me to seize every opportunity. Never stops learning. Trying to be the best at every time. Always work to be number 1. I learn to work hard from her.Nothing can beat hard work. I learn that life are not always easy but you can make it easy if you can stand the turbulence and the hardship. Always trust Allah. Never forget the Solah[pray].

Abah- My abah was an enterpeaneur. He is not a big businessman but he at least never stops to improve his status. Abah and mama are like a dynamic team. Well, every parents are.He does not talk too much. From him, I learn about friendship and how it is important to make friends in every places. There is nothing we can loose in having lots of friends. One time , I accompanied him to visit his friend in hospital.In HKL. His friend is a single old man and had been diagnosed of cancer in final stage. Not married. Dont have any kids. So,he is all alone. So , abah came to the hospital. And have conversation with his friend. That is when he know that no one ever come and he is the first one had come to visit. And just after we walk out of the door, my abah straightly called his friends in our hometown an next few days, many of them come to visit the ailing friend. He is also very kind with people.He taught me to think before I am doing something. He taught me to be kind with people.Be merciful. Of which I always fail.

Well, if I want to write about everything what I learn from them, it will be a novel. So, I just write what I learn most.

Pak cik – He is my teacher. I met him about 3 1/2  years ago. In an arabic language class. Then , one of my senior bring me for a discussion. And that is when I really meet him and get to know him. As I stated in my previous post, I’m not to trust easily. So,whatever he taught me, I check it back. And I always ask what I felt too suspicious and what I confused. And at every time, he answer accordingly to what I need.Not that just knowledge but to what may solve my problem.I learn from him to be ikhlas. To do everything for Allah. I learn to be committed to what we are doing.I learn from him that whatever it may become, work for Allah. Always bring kindness and Islam to people. He have gout problem, but it doesnt stop him to move around and preach.

I always stayed at his house for a week every semester break and that is where I learn much from his life. He is a living proof of someone who practice Islam.In every aspect of his life. A professional engineer by profession.. A man who breaks the stereotype of an Islamist who people will always have in mind to be a man wearing jubah,serban and all kind of stuff and talk and walk slowly. No,he definitely not that. That is what I learn from him that Islam is not on what you wear but who you really are and how you practice Islam as minhajul hayah.

He always said to me : ” Tajul,kita bukan bawa orang kepada kita.Tapi kepada Islam. Kalau anta jumpa ada yang bawak lagi tepat dari ana bawak,nta pergilah ikut dia .Dan ana pun akan ikut juga. “

I learn much about Islam from him.Not only from what he said in his teaching but from his own life.I learn about sacrifice for Islam. I learn that we must have strategy and must learn to see the situation and not just agree with people. From him I know to say no to what I am not agree with. I put my trust on him. And I believe ,if you learn what I learn, you will do the same.

He is the man who change me , who sincerely guide me . I am a kid. I am no one to him. And worst from all, I am a lousy,bad guy years ago. A kid that have done bad things and many have seen me as not as a good guy.I am not that much into Islam during my early years as it seems not come into my logic.For me Islam is about tauhid and praying only.To have spiritual identity.But not more than that.I learn Quran.I read and emorize hadith but the understanding of Islam is just that for me. I dont believe in Islam as solution for government .Yup,that was me.And then come this man.He is there to guide me at every step that I take until I become a man I am today.He answer each my questions according to what I really need..And he never ask to have anything back in return. and I felt very lucky to have a teacher like him.And truthfully, if he is going down, I am the one who will be just behind his back whatever will happen.

muddy jeans.my fieldtrip jeans since in first year.now cannot use anymore.got to find new one.

Dr Franz- Well,he is not really close to me but he indeed influence my life in many ways. He is my HOD. But personally, I learn so much from him.There are several times that we went for fieldtrip together and he shared a lot of his experiences.Stories and ideas that I found very valuable. Of which is like pearls coming out from every words he said.Because it is his own life experience.His success and failures. He teach me to be enthusiastic,to always be curious,to be smart and sharp, to be kind and to be confident with what you believe in. He once said to me ” you are enthusiastic,you have curiosity.That is enough for me.That is what I want from my student. You might be slow but it is ok.” Truthfully, I want to be an expert like him. Have a status like him where no one can mess with you. I always asked him about job perspective and he gives many advice and he said ” you are young and maybe one day when you are in the industry  you will really know what you really want. Right now, I want to be an expert in this field. And right now I know what I want. But 5 years from now, I might think back what he said.

dr dominique. both of us explore a river flowing in cave and I found one entrance connecting to another big cave.river in front of her while cave entrance at her back.quite a finding!!

Dr Dominique- She is my supervisor. Many dubbed her as too fussy. But I think, after working with her for the whole semester, I am being more like her. She taught me not to easily trust what you read and your data. Always check your work. Not easily trust your method but check again until it is perfect.Read!! Read from many sources. Trust yourself. That is what I learn. And day by day, I think I become more like her. Become more careful and always give more. Give the best.Give the perfect work. Giving a lousy work is just as bad as not doing your job. And being extremely careful with what and who you trust. That is why when my teammate said “oh,the other group do like this and that” I am not easily buying that. I checked again and again until I believe and can get the logic. Because I think I had been indoctrinate by her to trust myself more. And I glad to be like that.

For me, I want to be an expert like Dr Franz and as careful and good as Dr Dominique. Well, both of them are the lecturers who really influnce my intellectual attitude and I give credits to them for what I achieved and what I will achieved in my professional  future.

Well,that is all for now.I hope you can learn from the people of my life as how I did learn from them.

Salam 🙂


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