Be good.Be very Good.

You can only have two option :

1.Be good

2.Be very good.


If you think you are good, there will always be somebody better than you. So, keep up and move!!There is no room to mess up because there are ‘wolves’ who are waiting to make you as their feast.

Be curious

Be intuitive

Keep learning

Be enthusiastic

And always be careful

Do not waste time for useless ranting and critics as there were no statues ever built for critics, but keep the good one close with you even it hurts. Good critics are much better than dishonest praise.

Always be confident even the world seems to be against you.Do not easily trust but keep the trust when you had believe and see the evidence.

And never lost your sense of humor.

And most importantly, believe in Allah.

And be good.

Be very good!!


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