Yes, it is ok to say no. You must know when to say no.Remember, you are your own self. No one can ask you to do what you don’t like.Saying no doesn’t make you a coward.Saying no doesn’t make you cheapskate. Saying no, doesn’t make you less of a friend.Saying no, doesn’t make you not cooperating.

It is only a decision of yours.You are responsible for your own self.No one can grab you by your neck and force you to do what you don’t want.Willingly.

Know when to say no. When you does not control your life anymore. When you can’t make any decision of your own. Learn to say no. And know to say no.


I learn to say no from a bitter experience. Too many things to do. Too many programs to handle. Too many people to be satisfied. And until my teacher ask me ” Why can’t you say no.” And I don’t have answer for him. I don’t know why I can’t say no during that time. ” Set you priorities.”, that is what he advice me. Few relationship turned sour. But , it is only temporary. And I learn one of the best lesson. It is ok to say no.


2 thoughts on “Sorry,no.

  1. but then, later on in ur working life, u can’t simply say no when someone requests u to do something..
    sbb its d expectation that everyone must be able to do all kind of works, even if u feel like it’s beyond ur limit..

    my piece of advice – do not get used with d term NO.. but negotiate.. create d win-win situation that can satisfy d need of both sides.. *peace*

    • true and thank u for the advice.but there comes again from my post, know to say np.know when tp say no and learn to say no. I learn from my experience,when I say no blatantly, it does cause a mess and turns relationship sours.But the experiences teach me..It is not only saying no..but know when , how and why.

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