The Next Step : Of Life Planning.


Currently,I’m at home.Yup.In Langkawi.With my parents.Both my sisters are not at home right now.My second sister is now working in an accountancy firm in PJ and my youngest sis in Uniten.

I am currently waiting for my Final result.Come on!! The waiting did tortured me..Plus, I dont know yet my fate with Petronas.That will add up a considerable amount of time of waiting. Just to know I will be released or not.And why is this, curently I’m in the middle of passing mark for Petronas.Either I pass or not, it doesnt matter for me. For me, it is better to know either I will be release or not..early. I would know if I will get released if my marks are very low but then again that will become a problem if I want to land a good job.But that is not the case as my marks are still in the middle.

My marks are not quite bad and not excellent either. Just a mediocre.I am more to a field guy rather than a book guy. I learn more and become more practical in the field rather than reading the book.For me, it was more to theory if we depend everything on the book. Book can provide us essence of the knowledge but the practicality of learning in the field is the one that really teach you everything.The thing is I might be quite lazy to memorize all the stuff which I felt to be not really practical. That’s why I really suck at igneous and metamorphic and all those great circle things. I couldn’t imagine it could happen.It is just a theory. I didn’t see how it works.

My view is, it would be very important if I understand the concept and master it rather than to memorize all the examples and stuff. To memorize some could be a good add up but only that..just add up.

That’s what I learn a lot when I was in my final year. Seriously,if you are good at reading the books, doesnt mean you are really good at the field.Sometimes , you are quite useless in the field.

I really hope my marks are quite enough to land me a good job. Thank you to my HOD-Dr Franz ,my supervisor-Dr Dominique and Dr Nagarajan to write up recommendation letter for me.I think that’s something and can help with my job hunting.

My extra curricular activities are not that really excellent but I could consider it acceptable.At least there are something I can put into my resume.

However,I’m still planning my future.

So,how would it be?

Working in Miri

or Kuala Lumpur

or travel around the world.

For you guys who didnt know, being a geologist, you need to travel.Unless you become a geomodeller or geologist who handle the data.Then you wouldnt need to travel.It is a lab or a computer job.

My family encourage me to find a job in K.Lumpur. My little sister is there working in PJ. If I am working there, I could rent a house somewhere and my sister can stayed with me and whenever my parents want to come they can stay in my house.My youngest sister can come to stay in KL for weekend if she getting bored stayed in Uniten Muazzam in Pahang.

Even my ‘teacher’ and my ‘brothers’ advice me to stay in K.L. There are many things related to what I fight for can do in KL. It is like the center of everything and yes, more support is needed for the cause.I agree on that.And after discussion with them, I was advice to find a geophysicist job. You know, a geomodeller. Sit in font of a computer and doing stuff. I am good at that. I do.

Staying in Miri is also not quite bad. I considered myself a Mirian-celup. I stayed there for past 4 and half years during my studies. I have many friends there. Whom I really miss. I have ‘brothers’ and they are still juniors and have years to finish their studies.We are quite strong in Miri but I still believe we need supports. The prospect of dakwah in Miri is very big.

The place is quite peaceful. No traffic jam.More laid back style of a city.The people are friendly. I already have a base there.Atleast some people know who I am and what I work for.Not that being arrogant.No.Nauzubillah.What I mean is, at least good names are needed for the cause that I fight for.It helps to deal with the authority.

Doing dakwah, we must understand that we deal with people.That’s what many people lack.Public relation skills.We deal with people..And people are complex.They need respect.They appraise friendship and good manners.They hate public disgrace .And that is what Rasulullah teach about dakwah. He said about good akhlak. He said that he being a Rasul to make a perfection of akhlak.He teach us about how his akhlak is when he do the dakwah.How he deal with people.And every people is unique. It was reported that he talked different ways with Uthman compared to Abu Bakar and Umar. Because everyone is unique.

And being good with people does help with dakwah.Imagine you want to deal with authority, example ;an institution , and you being arrogant or much simpler than that, too serious.You know what I mean.Don’t smile and not friendly. Do you think it would be easy to make a program in that institution.

Back to Miri, living cost is expensive but not that really crazy like in KL.Fresh foods are quite cheap. Not really many place to travel so I could save up on gas. I could rent a house for just RM 500.Quite decent house.But in KL, a small apartment would reach up to or more than RM 1000 depending on the location.

I am lucky I have friends and brothers who are willing to help me with my job hunting.I don’t really like to ask for help.That is me. Not that I think I can do everything by myself but as long as I can put up with my full potential, why must I bother to burden somebody else.

But,I really appreciate the help.

Personally for me, and if it is only up to me..I really would love to be an exploration geologist. I love the action.I love to see places. I love to learn from the nature. The more hostile place you send me , the more excited I will be. I am quite an adrenaline junkie. I love the excitement. If people say, walk carefully, I will just jump.But with cautious,of course.The more far from civilization , the more  fun it will be for me.

I don’t mind staying anywhere.KL,Miri or anywhere.It will be just ok for me.Food does not matter for me.As long as it is halal ,it is food.That’s it. No fuss.

But… truthfully and sincerely, our life is not our own. There is one thing called responsibilities.  My responsibility is to my deen,the cause I fight for with my brothers and also for my family.That’s why we must prioritize. To choose which is the most important.

I used to want to continue my studies.Maybe taking a master or a PhD.Being a lecturer at the end. But, I will only use my potential among the students I know. I will lack on financial support. And dakwah needs all that. Financial,time, and everything.One of my brother used to advice me,if you have big salary,maybe about rm5000.That 5000 is not yours.You may use around rm 3000.Maybe you think that will be enough for you,so the remaining RM2000 is for the ummah.For the deen. .

This road that we walk on needs everything we have. And I will give everything I have.

—And I hope I will still walk this road until I die.—-

[This is another step of my life and there will be another step…May Allah help me with this]


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