My Wishlist


so,ape cerita???

erm.alhamdulillah.this career treats me very well.

Alhamdulillah.I get very good boss.and best seniors.

Boss saya ni quite unfriendly.Bukan sebab dia sombong.But nature dia memang macam tu.I respect him.Plus, he is one of the best in our global company.Meaning by global company is , he is one of the best Sr PM in CH2M all over the world.

Oh, if you dont know who CH2M is, check this :

We do almost everything and this company really take good care of the employee.Gaji ok.Benefit banyak.

So,back to my boss, last week ade lah gi site.then one of the senior datang untuk audit.I mean check la our performance. Habis je audit, he congratulate us and cakap we do good.tak ada major incident.So dia bawak pi makan.Sampai Jusco, dia belanja Nando’s.Fuih..puas hati oo.

Esok nya satu company gi office client for seminar and meeting.sambil tu berbual2 laa..then dapat tahu rupe nye my boss give the senior some money to belanja!!! I never hear that he ever treat employee like that. He is good.considerate.and a good boss. But dia bukan jenis mesra.I respect him particularly because he is the best.Even if you work under him and see he works for one day, you will know how good he is.So, a man of that capabilities, I dont mind to work under him. I was always like that. People said I sometimes quite rude and kadang-kadang pandang rendah orang lain. Well, I dont really look down on people. I am just respecting capabilities of a person.

I respect a person with great capabilities even if he is somewhat eccentric. But I will respect him more if he have good manners.

Seniors also very helpful.Hearing from other friends, ada yang keje dah 2 tahun.Hampir everyday kena maki.Kerja sampai 2 pagi.da yang first day of work ,report dah kena campak dekat muka.

But in my office we are close knit.And the mentoring is superb!! Really.I shit you not.

I am one of the 3 malays yang is a lady.And she is a boss.Another one is my senior,abang Junaizad.He just work almost a year.

So, we are basically at the same level.

But all other seniors, they treat us very good.Teach me many things. And in fact, some of the seniors quite surprise laa, when the PM let me join the sitework coz I just at about 1 month kerja.

And the PM also had adviced me before,waktu minum petang sama-sama lah dengan dia;,he said ; “if u can do your work properly, this company can pay u good money.”

Now dah almost 3 month la kn.

So, everything seems to be great.Hopefully.

I do have desire to find a new job. I mean basically the same pay I can get in here and the same benefit but the job do not require me to work outstation.

Currently, my job give me quite generous pay, IF and only IF I go sitework.Should I say, equal to what Petronas paid to their fresh grad. And the benefit like insurance and other thing I think is more than what Petronas give to their employees.Or maybe equal.

So, to find a new job, I also felt tak sedap laa kan.

I start up at a good position.And this opportunity is not easy to get.Seriously.

And I love this company. I love to go to sites.I love the career advancement. But I am afraid that I dont have time for dakwah and for myself.

Hopefully, I can manage. I love this job.And I hope to stay long in this industry.

Oh by the way, these are my wishlist :

1.Bawak mama dan abah jalan ke Korea/China//Bangkok/Indonesia.They really love to see places. I really hope to bring them there. Everytime they saw TV pogrammes showing those places, they look really ionterested. I really wants to bring them there.Cukuplah mama and abah susah besarkan kitorang selama ni.Now this is our turn to make them happy.

2. Big bike.I love those chopper kind.Teringin nak bawak Vulcan or Triumph or Virago. But for this year I wanna start with 2nd hand Jaguh..heheheh..Sebab lesen B-Full tak ada.And the main reason sebab senang nak pergi program dapat elak jam.KL ni jam teruk sangat.And fuel consumption pn jimat.Naik kereta boleh hangus wallet ooo.

3.Ipad or anything yg sewaktu dengannya. I found this to be an effective tools. Nak buat kerja.Nak membaca.The only thins is we just ned to know how to control it laa kan.kalau dah tiap masa main fb,fruit ninja,sngry  bird, membazir je duit..

4.Car.Sebenarnya in process.Harap dimudahkan. For me lagi murah kereta tu lagi I want it.I dont need a Honda Civic, VW Golf, Peugeot..I dont see any value on that. Kereta ni, kalau beli mahal macam mana pun, harga jatuh. Baik beli tanah dan rumah.Harga naik.What for? You just need the car to transport you safely from one point to another.Why need those extravaganza cars when you can use that money for better purposes like for example ; dakwah.

5.My own part time business. I’m thinking of setting up one.And it is in process. Still brainstorming. Hopefully it turns well.

Well, my first salary before tak dapat nak menyimpan.So, this time hopefully I can save a little bit.Boleh kahwin cepat..Ahahahha..Gurau2 .Not yet my time.


So, bye.Jumpa lagi nanti.




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