A year older.A year nearer to death. A year more wiser.[hopefully]



So, today is my birthday. I am actually not really into birthday party and all that. There was several occasion when I forgot about my birthday.No cakes or anything. I lead a very simple life.Luckily today it happens in Sunday, so I my mind is not occupied with many things so I remember about this blessed day.


I was born in Saturday.early dawn. It is already 23 years.Still young.


And already take up my stand finding my place in this world.I am thankful to my parents who taught me and raise me until I become who I am right now.

Life is not always easy. I had done many wrongs. I had upset many people. Create few enemies. Step on thorns. Cry over many failures. Have been in tight spots


But then, I had also good friendship. The one that money cant buy.laugh along after good jokes, take pride over what I achieve.Feels satisfied helping those unfortunae. Smile after a job well done. Love and beloved.

I had taste them all.I have done that. And that is what I call LIFE. The experience that create me as who I am today that you know.

And I am ready to taste more of the wonderful flavor of the world. Bitter or sweet!


Alhamdulillah, I felt very lucky after all this 23 years , life is not really hard to me. Yes , there are awful things happen, but the memories of good times together eliminate all the sad songs. I felt very fortunate compare to many other people.Alhamdulillah. I have a good family.Good friends.Good grades. Good career.

And I would like to ask all of you who are reading this, if you feel you are weak, you are unlucky, come and see people who are much more less fortunate than you are. Remember that you can do something to help them.Remember about death and at anytime you can die.Now or just another second. I had been taught by Allah by a very mind-changing experience.

And that really helps me appreciate my time more.


Life is a place for us to do Amal. The older you are, the more you can do!!



Hope to be more wiser.

Hope to excel in my career.and get good money.

Hope to be more better in dakwah.





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