Of 2013 and 2014 ahead



This is a recap of 2013.

2013 was not really a good year for me. It comes with both  success and failures,happiness and desperation, love and hatred. . I made some mistakes and I admit that some I should be responsible of..

At 24, not many people can claim to do what I had did.Some of my friends are already working, some are still at school studying. Some are already married with kids. But hey, we are travelling a different journey right.So, I am proud of what I had been through and does not regret any of it.

2013 was the year I learn how far I can go and it really amused me.I own several businesses. Although it was not a skyrocket success of which I hope it should be, but I learned a lot from there.Some of it turns out not so good but some I could say, I found it to have a good future.

2013 was also the year I found love again.I told it before in my previous post.I want this to work.And it is also the year where some friendship and bonds shattered.Of which I  am still trying to amend them.

2013 was the year I learn that failure is inevitable , but that does not mean you must stop,weeping and whining. Pick yourself up after a fall, brush off your knees, man up and keep walking until you reach your destination.

2013, I learn to be more organized and more planned. I was a man that always comes up with a plan. Either it is premeditated or just comes out all of sudden and in a rush, I always comes out with a plan.A plan is a strategy. A pathway to your destination.You can walk without a plan. But you will not reach your destination.Always comes with a plan.Which I believe is important. I learn from experiences that if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.And it is true!

2013 was the year I also learned about who will stay with you when whatever happen. And remember to cherish them.They are there for you through thick and thin.

2013 was the year I learn that do not messed around with financial system.It will hurt you.a lot. I was hurt by it but not to the point of non-recoverable.It was really a tiny pea, but to people who knows me, I do not like my money to be wasted to something that is not supposed to be spent of. I don’t mind spending all my money to something that can gives me reasonable rate of return.But then again, that teaches me a lot.I believe I am more financially-prudent.

All in all, 2013 taught me to be strong, brave, to endure whatever stands in my way, to love and cherish people who matters and gives no  accounts on people who doesn’t matters.I believe a year of 2013 does teach me and bring me up more mature and stronger.

Well, that’s that for 2013..


I hope this coming year will bring better opportunity for me.

I had get to do what I want to do.And now I want to achieve what I want to. I really want to be a geologist/geophysicist. To use my 4 years of study to something good.Something I could be proud of.What I learn,if we do a good job, we should be proud of it.We should feel the ownership of the job that we do.Well, I am currently on interviews.I hope it turns out well.

I am not running away from doing business. I found it possible to do two jobs if you are really good at organizing.And I am good at organizing and managing.Being a geologist/geophysicist is my ambition but doing business is my hobby and passion. My friend always said that I always busy. Busy with anything . Yes, they are true. I feel alive to keep on working. I cannot sit and sleep whole day..That is not me.When I was at my busiest day,I may only sleep 3-4 hours max and I still doing my job correctly. When I was a student, I always going on with clubs, small businesses selling things, do charity works and all that.I cannot seat still. I want something to do.

So, I do not find a problem or work-life balance should come as an issue as those are my life.I still going out with friends and loved ones.Watching movies few times a month and go for a stroll in the park. I am still what I am.Doing what I do. Only different this time.Plus, my family are here to help. After all, I hope the business can help my family as well.

Well, in 2014 I hope to achieve some of my 30 before 30 resolution.

I want to get a job as a geologist/geophysicist.Job that use what I had learned.

I want my business to be strong.This is do-able.I met a medical Dr with 6 days/10 hours per day working period who owns a restaurant.If he can do it, why can’t I..

I want to buy my parents jewelries and a fishing trip to Australia.

I want to get married and still trying of doing it.I know there are a lot that we must go through but we had go through many things together.So I hope that we can be patience and survive this all.

And maybe I could start planning to own my first property.

Well,that’s it. 2014, please be nice!!


Tajul Rijal


My 30 before 30


Well,this is my target..I have another 5 years for that..huh!!

I am not that old by the way..2014 I will be 25..so basically,I have 5 years and almost a year for this.

  • Establish a company and have a good business.I had a share of experiences on this I can tell you.
  • Getting my 1st mil RM in cash and assets.This is do-able
  • Working on a job I love.- I am finding one right now.I want to be a respectable geologist/geophysicist. One of the best.I never cease the dream.Just postponing it..and now I am going to grab it.I really want this.Really
  • Buy my mother nice jewelries and my father a nice fishing trip in Australia.I’ve heard they have the Ikan Layaran fishing trip.And also bring them for a nice travel trip.
  • Get married and love her.I already met someone.yea. She is annoying, mengada, banyak cakap.She had flaws and she also have a lot of good characters..but every single of those things made me smile..Every bad or good things are hers and I think I could live with that and love every moment..
  • Have children and love them
  • Buy an apartment.
  • Buy a landed house with farm outside KL
  • Ask for forgiveness.
  • Travel (backpacking) within Asia (at least 5 countries)-a friend of mine did this.a 7 day backpacking trip.I believe it is do-able-and bring love ones.And he was a medical doctor..still he can find times with those busy life
  • Travel (backpacking) within Europe (at least 2 countries)-and also bring love ones
  • Write a book and get publish.I had started it before but failed to finish.
  • Go for Umrah and bring my parents
  • Enroll in a Master programme or a second degree.
  • Involve in politics.Not as a politician.But a statesman.Yup!! I know right..This country,I believe could do better…I am no sort of party member of any kind.I only believe that we must do whatever is good for the future of our nation.Justice.Equality.Opportunity.
  • Buy a boat or just sail for a month.
  • Start caving again.
  • Take a language class.
  • Establish a yayasan to help the needy in a more better way.Well, I met several people with the same ideas and will join to make it a reality.
  • Start painting again and had an art show of it.I am not really good but 1 of my painting was sold before and several was asked by some people but at that time I do not want to sell them.They want to buy for several hundred ringgit but I only got the canvas for RM50 and the paints for free..What was I thinking then!! haha
  • Go for a music concert/show/opera.I haven’t…sad right.
  • Skydiving..seriously!!
  • Make reading book a daily habit.I love reading.It is like eating food for me.But I need to read more.
  • Learn to bake!! Darn!! I am a good cook.But I have no idea how to bake a cake or other confectioneries and bread.My youngest sister is good at it..But she is a terrible cook. hah…I love those cute cakes..
  • Get to memorize 10 juz of Quran
  • Do a 365 photo journal
  • Learn to play guitar.
  • Climbing the Kinabalu. I haven’t done this.For a geologist, this is quite a shame.
  • Free of bad debt
  • Lose weight get 6 pack


I have 5 years from now!!