My 30 before 30


Well,this is my target..I have another 5 years for that..huh!!

I am not that old by the way..2014 I will be basically,I have 5 years and almost a year for this.

  • Establish a company and have a good business.I had a share of experiences on this I can tell you.
  • Getting my 1st mil RM in cash and assets.This is do-able
  • Working on a job I love.- I am finding one right now.I want to be a respectable geologist/geophysicist. One of the best.I never cease the dream.Just postponing it..and now I am going to grab it.I really want this.Really
  • Buy my mother nice jewelries and my father a nice fishing trip in Australia.I’ve heard they have the Ikan Layaran fishing trip.And also bring them for a nice travel trip.
  • Get married and love her.I already met someone.yea. She is annoying, mengada, banyak cakap.She had flaws and she also have a lot of good characters..but every single of those things made me smile..Every bad or good things are hers and I think I could live with that and love every moment..
  • Have children and love them
  • Buy an apartment.
  • Buy a landed house with farm outside KL
  • Ask for forgiveness.
  • Travel (backpacking) within Asia (at least 5 countries)-a friend of mine did this.a 7 day backpacking trip.I believe it is do-able-and bring love ones.And he was a medical doctor..still he can find times with those busy life
  • Travel (backpacking) within Europe (at least 2 countries)-and also bring love ones
  • Write a book and get publish.I had started it before but failed to finish.
  • Go for Umrah and bring my parents
  • Enroll in a Master programme or a second degree.
  • Involve in politics.Not as a politician.But a statesman.Yup!! I know right..This country,I believe could do better…I am no sort of party member of any kind.I only believe that we must do whatever is good for the future of our nation.Justice.Equality.Opportunity.
  • Buy a boat or just sail for a month.
  • Start caving again.
  • Take a language class.
  • Establish a yayasan to help the needy in a more better way.Well, I met several people with the same ideas and will join to make it a reality.
  • Start painting again and had an art show of it.I am not really good but 1 of my painting was sold before and several was asked by some people but at that time I do not want to sell them.They want to buy for several hundred ringgit but I only got the canvas for RM50 and the paints for free..What was I thinking then!! haha
  • Go for a music concert/show/opera.I haven’t…sad right.
  • Skydiving..seriously!!
  • Make reading book a daily habit.I love reading.It is like eating food for me.But I need to read more.
  • Learn to bake!! Darn!! I am a good cook.But I have no idea how to bake a cake or other confectioneries and bread.My youngest sister is good at it..But she is a terrible cook. hah…I love those cute cakes..
  • Get to memorize 10 juz of Quran
  • Do a 365 photo journal
  • Learn to play guitar.
  • Climbing the Kinabalu. I haven’t done this.For a geologist, this is quite a shame.
  • Free of bad debt
  • Lose weight get 6 pack


I have 5 years from now!!


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