Assalam wbt.

If you personally know me, you may know that I am no longer involve with any movement of Tarbiyyah anymore. Be it for any name of organization  ;  IKRAM, HALUAN,ISMA or any other WITHOUT names.

First, if you are in for that, please,and really please carry on with it. Please, be alongside your ikhwah. To be in lifestyle of Tarbiyah, is a life worth to live for.

To me, I may have lost it. I have lost the passion since few years ago and maybe a single unfortunate event is just a cause for me to quit it off..

Maybe it  all starts during my final year.And I just carry on maybe because I am already too deep inside.I find many friends and responsibility towards it so it is hard to just go.

When I start working, I started skipping few usrah, and later skipping daurah and so on.And most of the time it is not for any apparent and valid reason.Even going for a session does not fulfil me..We called it hati basah..So datang liqa pn just datang je…Not really intend to come.tak sepenuh jiwa orang kata.

It already had build up over the years but it is only a matter of a single event to let me cut off the relation.It is only that single event that I just, GO and not return back.

There are calls from friends..From people who I call akhi before and still regards them as one.

But maybe, because I am not really a person who put a great deal on emotional ties with other people, does not care enough to bother. I am sorry.

Some people are built that way.


You may say, I may lost the reason why I joined in the first place.

No, I am not.I still believe in Islam minhajul hayah.Islam as the way of life..

I just lost the passion.

Maybe several other things play the factors.But it eventually leads to me having lost the passion for it.

May I joined again soon??

Probably Yes.

I missed the first time I am in.To be taught about Islam.To be with people who have the kindest of heart.

I missed the time where I am willing to walk kilometres to giving a session with anak liqa.I missed the time where borrowing motorcycle and letter bought one so it was easier to me attending liqa and daurah wtih my best of akh,Miqdad.(he is my friend when I was studying). I missed all those with my murabbis.

Oh, to be not in it does not mean murtad ke hape kn…

I am a Muslim by faith and by way of living and will always be.

So yea..lets see how it will go from now on